Preet Vedya  Kaur

Preet Vedya Kaur was born on September 1st to Fatehpal Kaur and Sat Darshan Singh and is doing great!

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Seva Sadhana Program
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Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Ashram (HGRD) is the home of Yogi Bhajan, the 3HO Foundation (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization), KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) and SDI (Sikh Dharma International).

From here you will find a wealth of information on who we are, where we live, and what we do.

We are pleased to provide many great services to our visitors and residents, including morning sadhana, gurdwara services, langars, akhand paths, Kundalini yoga classes, and many other activities.

Siri Singh Sahib Ji

On October 6th we will celebrate the barsi of Siri Singh Sahib Ji, along with the Akal Takhat Remembrance Gurdwara.


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Gurmukh Singh

Gurmukh Singh was born to happy parents, Prabhu Singh and Gurupal Kaur on September 24th.

Gurdwara Schedule

Daily - 3:40-7am - Sadhana
Wed. 6:00 am- Akhand Paath
Sat. 6-7 am - Bhog ceremony
Sun. - 6:30-9am - Ishnaan Seva
10am-12:30 pm - Gurdwara
12:30 pm - Guru ka Langar

Food for Kids Program

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Sangat Notices

2017 White Tantric Yoga

White Tantric Yoga
November 4, 2017

IHM Retreat Center, Santa Fe, NM
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Ashram Events

October 6 Akal Takhat Remembrance Gurdwara, Remembrance of the Passing of the Siri Singh Sahib Ji,  Wish and Dish Langar - Rehiras 5:30pm, Kirtan 6:00pm
September 28-October 8 Guru Ram Das Birthday Chanting Evenings - See ebulletin for schedule
October 9 Guru Ram Das Birthday Celebration
Amrit Vela Gurdwara - 3:40-4:00am - Japji Sahib;
4:00-6:30am - Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur Kirtan (no sheepskins, please)
Evening Gurdwara - 5:30pm - Rehiras Sahib, 6:00pm - Kirtan followed by Langar
October 14 Fall Women's Clothes Swap. From 9am to 1pm at the Langar Hall.
October 15 Radiant Community Meeting at 1:30pm in Langar Hall.
October 20 Numerology 10 Bodies at Hacienda Yoga
October 19-22 Foundations of Kundalini Yoga Therapy at Hacienda Yoga
Upcoming Event November 4th - White Tantric Yoga in Santa Fe, NM Registration now open.

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Hacienda de Guru Ram Das is funded through the contributions of its residents,
sangat members, and visitors to the community. Your donations
are greatly appreciated. Contribute today!


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