Children’s Resources

Sunday Morning Gurdwara Classes for Children

Various classes are being taught Sunday morning during Gurdwara, 11:15 am - 12:00 pm in the Children's Gurdwara (in the room just outside the main Gurdwara), so our children can learn more about Sikh Dharma practices, teachings & culture. Bring your children and get in on the experience. Then around 12:00 pm, the children lead the sangat in Celestial Communications and song. All children are welcome to participate.

Ashram Children’s Playgroundashram playground

The Ashram provides a fun playground for our children. It is located adjacent to the Quad and Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Ashram and the parking lot.

Youth Schools

Trio School
Welcome to the Trio Montessori School, a cooperative multi-generational non profit that emphasizes education in Art, Nature and Music for little ones and has a support system of volunteer parents, grandparents, friends and wise elders.

Trio – three performers together. Three performers together refer both to the triangle of child, parent, teacher, and the powerful intertwining of Montessori, Suzuki, and Reggio Emilia philosophies. The Trio School believes in the partnership between teacher and parent to provide a most suitable learning environment for the child.  The approach of Maria Montessori, Shinichi Suzuki and Reggio Emilia share a profound compatibility. All are built on utilizing natural processes that promote positive growth. Download flyer >

Head Teacher - Henrietta Romero
Board President - Sat Mitar Kaur

: [email protected], 505-747-3962

La Tierra Montessori
La Tierra Montessori School of the Arts and Sciences is a charter school that serves K-8 students in Española, NM and the surrounding communities. The Montessori philosophy is a multi-sensory, child-centered approach developing academic, social/emotional and creative skills with the understanding that children are naturally inquisitive and learn at different rates. This hands-on approach gives children freedom to make learning choices within a structured environment. Multi-age classesallow instructors to facilitate learning in a more natural way than standard single age classrooms. We believe the purpose of education is to serve the nature of the child, not work against it.

Miri Piri Academy studentsMiri Piri Academy
Miri Piri Academy is an international boarding school for students in grades five through twelve.  Our students come to Amritsar, India from all over the world to find a place where they can combine a rigorous academic curriculum with daily spiritual and yogic practice. To learn more about the school or contact Admissions, visit their website at


Children’s Activities

Girl Scouts
Sarb Nam Kaur, 505-747-1350

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