Ashram Security

For the saftey of our ashram and sangat members, we have a network of people to handle emergency issues as well as physical security measures in place on the ashram property.

Emergency Contacts

Ashram Managing Secretary
Swaran Kaur - 505-753-6341

Ashram Security
Sant Sipahi COV - Abhai Raj Singh - 505-927-1068

Property Management
Mukhia Jethadar, Amrit Singh - 505-927-8047
[email protected]

Ranch House

Los Angeles Sangat
Secretariat - 310-552-3416
Sevadar - 310-858-7691

Gurdwara Door Lock Code and Gate Code

Please contact the Ashram Managing Secretary listed above to obtain the Gurdwara door lock code or the gate code to the ashram property.