Yogi Bhajan, The Range of Prearranged Change

Siri Singh Sahib with Guruprakash KaurSat Nam Dear Family,

Everyone’s a teacher. If a person is such a recluse that he doesn’t come into contact with anyone to teach, he shouldn’t fret. He’s still a great teacher. Although it’s not the way many want to think, teaching is really sales. Communication is sales. One person wants the other to hear, agree, and follow what is being said. Oh yes, I know that there are others who don’t ever want to be heard, agreed with, or followed, but that in itself is a sales job if you look carefully. And, more importantly for a spiritual aspirant, the conscious mind is perpetually attempting to teach the subconscious.

Selling is actually inherent in everyone’s nature. As for the recluse, that’s a little more difficult to fathom but this quality is there too. In fact due to less distractions, the recluse may have more selling, i.e. teaching, as part of his makeup. The conscious mind is constantly peppering the subconscious with thoughts. The more the mind focuses on a particular subject, the quicker the subconscious takes it seriously. If this continues, the subconscious is sold and adapts the projection as it’s own. Change occurs whether it’s designed or not. Here’s the kicker, the relevance, the truthfulness, the good or bad is not a judgement the subconscious weights in adapting change. A good mantra becomes a great design for change to increase life’s benefits.

A mantra is really nothing more than a sales tool to trick both the conscious and the subconscious minds to project and change into something both are currently incapable of becoming. Few of us ask ourself ‘how can I we change my life ?’ and, fewer still, know how to do it. We all want more out of life. I’m not defining more, that’s an individual desire. We’ve been taught the answer!

Oh, I forgot to mention that true belief must also be factored into the equation of change. Without the caliber to be flexible enough to believe that change is possible, change will not happen, at least, not in this life. And, the more flexible a person is, the quicker change may occur. The flexibility to change belief and to trust is the secret. This surrender is difficult, but, again, we’ve got the answer.

Another thing I forget to tell you is that karma plays a great factor in process of change as well. No matter what you think, no matter what you do, no matter what you desire, if your karma won’t allow it, it won’t happen. Sorry… but wait! Our prayers have been answered. Karma doesn't have to be the end of the game. There’s still hope. We can change our Karma when we live our Dharma. This is when hope becomes real and reality delivers Guru’s blessing! Wahe Guru!

Guru is the final judge, thank God. This is the only place our karma can change and allow us to do what, otherwise, we’re just not capable of. No one comes perfect, so the point of inflexibility comes with everyone at some point. At this point, help is mandatory to change further. Now, we know that we can’t change our karma ourself, so, thank God, there’s help. It’s available to everyone, but only a limited few will take advantage of it and it’s expensive. Guru offers this help. The cost is service to His will. The more a person does this, the more help he is given. Otherwise life is lived without any recognition of “limitedness, remedy, and recovery.”

There’s further good news. Guru provides a tool to make the cost of Guru’s help not just easy to pay, but a great joy as well. It’s called the sacred name of God. All you have to do is chant His Name. It’s magic, but it’s not instant. This is where discipline comes into play. Some way or other, the sincere student must fine a way to practice saying His Name over and over. Even here, there are many names, but their specific use is for another time.

A Sikh is given many sacred mantras with the Khalsa sacred name of God as “Wahe Guru.” It works, it’s not secret, and it’s universal. Find a way to remember and practice saying this Name of God. Practice makes perfect!

There are more goodies. Guru teaches us to sing God’s sacred songs as they contain many mantras. We do this every morning for starters. And we have exponential results when we sing his glorious praises in the ambrosial hours, before the sun rises. It works whether we believed it, whether we concentrated on it, or whether we liked it. Trick your mind into being flexible enough to do what Guru says instead of what you say to yourself. We have been blessed to have found the mantra, “Wahe Guru,” which offers the highest rewards. This mantra is the key.

There’s more. How lucky was I. Well, I not only had a Guru providing everything I needed, but I had a teacher who gave me much more help. I must have been a terrible student to need and demand so much help. Nevertheless, I got it. My teacher, the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, provided more help through Kundalini Yoga which is another technology which provides everything necessary to allow flexibility into life. It starts with postures (commitment), continues with pranayam (breathing discipline), and proceeds through meditation (deliverance of change). Kundalini Yoga is Ashtanga yoga on steroids. Flexibility is developed through the required discipline. Change happens quickly, although, while going through the process, it seems like it’s taking forever.

Please, take advantage of what we’ve been so blessed to have. It’s an opportunity afforded to very few. It’s the opportunity to live in harmony with existence. It’s, indeed, a rare opportunity to not just understand everything, but become it all. I know many will discount what I say, they should. But for those of you who understand, please know that I say this in the honest prayer that your life should change in the direction of bliss. Why not? That’s what I want from you. I want you to live a effortless, dutifully, radiant, carefree life filled with the confidence of God. That’s my sincere prayer for your life.

So, I’ve been blessed to be flexible enough to have all the confidence I need. My teacher, my Guru, and my God did this for me. Be flexible enough to follow their way and prosperity will begin to take shape in your life - sell yourself on Kundalini Yoga, sell yourself on mantra, and sell yourself on seva, service to His will. You’ve been given the blessing of God to have this opportunity. Please, don’t let it go. Get going and let sincerity, concentration, and discipline be your mantra along with the Name of God. See what you life becomes. It’s beyond belief; It’ beyond dreams; It’s a place where gratitude is the only other resident; it’s where love truly exists. And, you have a chance to participate. Wahe Guru. Stay tuned,.

In the Humility of Service and Gratitude,
MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa
Chief of Protocol