Sikh Dharma Ministers: Answering the Call

By SS Sarb Nam Kaur Khalsa

In 2015, the Secretary of Religion began developing a way for Ministers to connect and have a more direct voice and input regarding the Sikh Dharma Ministry. She established the Regional Minister Coordinators (RMCs)—a group of volunteer Ministers who support the Office of the Secretary of Religion in outreach to Ministers in our global community.

Through this grassroots infrastructure, the Secretary of Religion calls upon the RMCs to serve as Aquarian Age leaders. She says, “The RMCs are fostering a sense of community and communication among our global Sikh Dharma Ministers.” She noted that the Sikh Dharma Ministry, established by the Siri Singh Sahib, “serves on seven continents and includes individuals serving in a variety of ways—from multiple generations and cultures.”

New RMCs for New Mexico
SS Guru Kiren KaurSS Dr. Sat Kaur Khalsa the Secretary of Religion, announces two new Regional Minister Coordinators (RMCs) for the New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah region. Sardarni Sahiba Guru Kiren Kaur Khalsa became a Sikh Dharma Minister in 2005 and served as the local secretary for Sikh Dharma of New Mexico. She travels the world facilitating White Tantric Yoga courses, teaching art workshops, co-leading 3HO Women’s Camps and leading Sacred Art yatras, as well as running her bakery café business full time. She lives in New Mexico with her husband and two daughters.

SS Sada Bahar KaurCo-RMC for this region is Sardarni Sahiba Sada Bahar Kaur Khalsa. She currently serves as International Khalsa Council Secretary and Director of Global Leadership and Community Support for Sikh Dharma International. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she practiced as an acupuncturist and served as Gurdwara Secretary at Raj Yog Nivas / Yoga West. She worked at Miri Piri Academy and served on the Sikh Dharma Education International board. She completed her Chaplaincy Residency in San Francisco, CA. She and her husband, Mahan Atma Singh, live in Espanola.

Reaching Out to Ministers
Both Guru Kiren and Sada Bahar Kaur, in their new roles as co-Regional Minister Coordinator looks forward to serving the Ministers in this geographic region. As RMC, they are making plans for a fun Minister get-together in late summer.

Both women are inspired as Ministers to serve in this capacity.

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