KRI Level One Immersion at HGRD

By Shanti Kaur Khalsa

Every August, Hacienda de Guru Ram Das opens their doors to the KRI Level One Immersion program.  Future Kundalini Yoga instructors from all over the world come to stay in our ashram and dive deep into the experience.  For many, this is their first time living in an intentional spiritual community, and it is a heart opening experience. Within the energetics of the ashram, they are free to act and dress as a spiritual being, maybe even trying a turban on and seeing what it feels like to wear it for a few days.  The students see the sangat as they go about their lives and they learn from and model their behavior after the committed Sikhs who live here.

The experience goes two-ways and sangat enjoys the fresh energy and enthusiasm brought by the student-instructors.  In the month of August, suddenly Aquarian Sadhana is full of people who are infused with spirit of discovering group sadhana for the first time. It is contagious! It is wonderful to see classes on the lawn as the students go through their teaching practicum.  These yogis and yoginis remind us all of that exciting phase when we discovered Kundalini Yoga for the first time and embarked on the journey of self-transformation.  Sometimes the new instructors are not ready yet to leave the ashram and they stay longer.  This is how the Seva Sadhana program was born when a few years back a handful of students stayed into the fall. 

Immersion Yoga ClassImmersion ClassKRI Immersion Staff

The sangat at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das sends prayers and good wishes to the Immersion graduates as they return to their homes.  May you travel with comfort and easy, and spread the Light of Guru Ram Das to all the corners of the earth. 

Sat Nam.