Computer Corner - Windows 10 Free Upgrade Loophole ends Dec 31, 2017

Free Windows 10 Ends on December 31st

Well, it’s now or never. The final route to getting a free upgrade to Windows 10 will officially end on December 31, 2017. That's when Microsoft has decided to ditch a special program that many have been using as a free upgrade loophole.

Officially home users could only get the free upgrade (from Windows 7 or 8.1) between July 2016 and July 2017 - the one year after the new system launched. That meant avoiding the standalone price of $119 for the Home edition or $199 for the Professional Edition.

No Proof Needed For Loophole
But actually, after this date it was still possible to upgrade by visiting a special page designed for users of assistive technologies. These include tools such as screen readers (which read text out loud) and magnifiers. The offer has no verification system and simply involves clicking a button underneath the phrase "Yes, I use assistive technologies." (Source:

While theoretically taking advantage of this offer could be a gray area, it received plenty of publicity and Microsoft did not clamp down on the loophole, suggesting it is happy to get more people using Windows 10 - and possibly have users buy more apps from the built-in Windows store.

Windows 10 now Full Price in 2018
For those who still have ethical concerns, the Lifehacker site argues that if it comes to splitting hairs, even using keyboard shortcuts such as "Control + C" to copy text could be classed as using assistive technologies. (Source: )
Either way, time is running out as the page has now been updated to say the offer will end on December 31 this year. After that, there will be no discounted price for upgrading from an existing edition of Windows, as happened with many previous releases. Instead, you will have to pay the full price to get Windows 10 regardless of what system you are currently running
If you are considering the free upgrade, be sure you have your computer properly backed up before taking the plunge. Proper backups provide two very important roles: 1) you can revert back to your previous operating system at any time in case you don't like Windows 10, or 2) if something goes wrong and Windows 10 doesn't install properly, you can restore your backup as if nothing ever happened.

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