Local Businesses

Local Entrepreneurs

Many of the members of HGRD study and practice healing arts as medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and healing massage therapists and body work, as well as mental health counselors in various modalities, such as the GRD Center for Medicine & Humanology.

At the heart of the 3HO lifestyle is the daily practice and teaching of Kundalini Yoga, known as the yoga of awareness. We are dedicated to sharing this powerful, self-healing and self-empowering technology with the world to help all people live according to their birthright as healthy, happy, and holy.

Daily classes are offered to the surrounding community through yoga centers in the area, as well as teacher training programs in Kundalini Yoga, with classes that are open to and attended by people of all walks of life. Yoga teachers work with the State of New Mexico to offer a stress management program to First Responders to help manage Critical Incident Stress (www.createinnerpeace.com).

We also offer a substance abuse program (www.super-health.net) using natural detoxification and healing with an 82 percent success rate for healing addictive behavior. We have an ongoing program for returning veterans to help them regain self-autonomy and mitigate the effects of PTSD so they can successfully reintegrate themselves into their communities. Other members of HGRD serve as paramedics, learn martial arts and security technology to protect people (Akal Security based in Espanola has grown to become a global leader in protecting critical national facilities).

The members of HGRD also provide many different forms of educational services and a full-range of worldwide integrated-education and web-based community services via the Sikhnet internet community.

Below you will find a complete list of the local businesses owned or operated by members of the sangat.

Business Name
Akal Security (Espanola)505-753-7832  
Akal Singh - Plumbing 505-573-6182  
Amrit Nivas (Vacation Rental)505-747-2617  
Amrit Nivas (Business office)505-753-5086  
Ancient Healing Ways (local) 505-747-2860  
Ancient Healing Ways (toll free)800-359-2940  
BlueLink It Solutions, LLC 505-692-1041  
Chocolate Maven 505-984-1980  
Cleanse of Santa Fe 505-988-7076  
Convivial Yoga (Abiquiu)505-685-4603  
EACH Healing Center (Dr. Arjan Kaur, Catherine Veilleux, NP) 747-3368  
Guru Darshan Kaur, [email protected]
Espanola Motors (Bir Singh) 747-7111  
Fateh Kaur, Keller Williams Realty 753-5784 505-690-3075
Golden Dome rentals505-747-0979  
Golden Link - The Mala Shop (Kudrat Kaur)505-747-8673  
GRD Health Clinic (Espanola)505-753-3369  
Guru Mitar Kaur, Dr.  505-660-9679
Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine & Humanology505-753-4692  
Guru Terath Singh505-476-7223  
Harbhajan Singh, Khalsa Health Center 575-751-1335 575-613-2638
Japa Kaur, Dr. 505-929-2794  
Jiwan Shakti Kaur, Dr.505-753-3369  
Kartar Kaur (Northern NM Health Center)505-753-7576  
Khalsa Healthcare (Dr. Gurumitar Kaur)505-660-9679  
Khalsa Tech (Guru Jai Singh) 505-995-7643
LYF Foundation (ashram housing for courses) 505-927-8665  
NAM Lists505-753-5086  
Nam Services505-753-9682  
- Har Har Singh  505-920-3139
- Sant Saroop Singh  505-920-3384
Nine Treasures - Hari Jiwan Singh, Sat Bachan Kaur - http://www.ninetreasures.com/
NM Alternative Health Center, Dr. Harijot Singh, Sat Darshan Singh 505-469-2166  
Numerology of the Cards - Gurumeet Kaur505-927-0768  
Prana Fitness505-670-8517  
Rama Kaur, Unlimited Mind Hypnosis505-747-6742  
Rife Machine, Sat Siri Kaur505-753-9405 505-920-1442
Sat Kaur, Dr.505-986-1876 505-820-0197
Sat Nam Singh (Khalexico)505-753-5853  
Sat Siri Kaur, Dr.505-753-5640  
Purest Potential- Yoga Studio (Guruchander Singh & Kiran Kaur)505-982-6369  
Sikhnet - www.SikhNet.com 505-629-4121  
- Guruka Singh, Executive Director
- Gurumustuk Singh, Webmaster
Siri Atma Singh MD, Yogic Reality
Sombrillo Vedic Astrology Association, Sat Siri Kaur505-753-6521  
SoulAnswer.com (Siri Gian Kaur)505-753-8194  
Khalsa Health Center (Harbhajan Singh) 986-8300 575-613-2638
The Turban Outfitters - Hari Charn K., Harbhajan K. & Jaskaran S. (505) 423-1441  
White Falcon Gallery (Nirbhe Kaur)505-753-7341  
Yoga Gems (Guru Prem Kaur) publishing, workshop and consulting business - [email protected]   505-404-0087
Yogi Ji Press 505-753-9215