HGRD Corporation

HGRD Corporation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is the financial body that supports the functioning and maintenance of the ashram as a whole. The new HGRD Finance Committee came together in December of 2009 as a result of the events surrounding the lawsuit and the breakdown of the ashram finance committee at that time, plus the need to create a new entity that would embody a safe place for Sangat members to donate to the Mother Ashram. This arose out of a grassroots effort, and for over a year now, we have been meeting regularly to serve our community.

HGRD Finance CommitteeThe HGRD Corp Board meets quarterly and consists of one representative from each Corp of Volunteers (COV) and members from the Finance Committee. Their duties at this time include reviewing budget reports from the Finance Committee, discussing ashram issues and planning and overseeing quarterly family meetings. Time is allowed at each meeting for ashram members to bring up topics or issues of concern for the board to review.

Finance Committee: top left to right, Mukhtiar Singh, Siri Atma Singh, Amrit Singh, Bir Singh, Kirpal Singh. Bottom left to right, Tera Kaur, GuruMeher Kaur, Sr., Gurujohn Kaur, Rama Kaur and Varnjeet Kaur