Map and Directions to HGRD (Hacienda de Guru Ram Das)

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Our mailing address is:

Hacienda de Guru Ram Das
1A Ram Das Guru Place
Espanola, New Mexico 87532

If you need GPS directions to the ashram, use the following address:

21 E Sombrillo Rd
Santa Cruz, NM 87567

Below is a small map of the Ashram area and surrounding streets. (For available transportation to and from the Albuquerque International Airport, see below.)

Directions on how to get to HGRD:

From the Albuquerque Airport:

  • Follow the exit signs out of the airport to I-25 North - to Santa Fe.
  • Get on I-25 North and follow the signs to Santa Fe.
  • Drive approximately one hour on I-25 north until you reach the exits for Santa Fe.
  • Take the "St. Francis Drive" exit for Santa Fe.

The total driving time from the airport to Santa Fe is approximately 1 hour

From Santa Fe:

  • Drive North through Santa Fe on St. Francis Drive.
  • When you leave town you will be on 84/285 North – going towards Espanola.
  • Continue driving on 84/285 North for approximately 26 miles toward Espanola. (Pass several casinos and drive through a small town called Pojoaque.)
  • When you reach the top of a hill at a signal light, just in front of the Dreamcatcher Movie Theater, turn right onto Highway 106.
  • Go 1/8 mile on Highway 106 to "East Sombrillo Road".
  • Turn right on "East Sombrillo Road".
  • Go 1/8 mile on "East Sombrillo Road". Pass a golden dome temple – Hacienda de Guru Ram Das (HGRD) Ashram – on your left and a former elementary school on the right.
  • Turn left into the parking lot on your left, going through the iron gates, and park.

The total driving time from Santa Fe is approximately 30 minutes


Soul Sisters Shuttle - We are the new Soul Sisters Shuttle, offering shuttle services between Albuquerque Airport and Española events for 3HO, Sikh Dharma, KRI and more and we are here to serve you. (505) 753-5013 or [email protected]

Twin Hearts Shuttle--Travels between Albuquerque International Airport and Espanola. Phone: 1-800-654-9456 or 505-751-1201.

Sandia Shuttle Express--Only travels between Albuquerque International Airport and Santa Fe. Phone: 505-474-5697 or toll free at 1-888-775-5696. Sandia Shuttle Express website.